Announcing the SoundStage.fm community chatroom on the Audius Discord server

If you're a musician, artist manager, or promoter who is excited about virtual performance paradigms such as live streams and virtual concerts, you're cordially invited to join the SoundStage.fm community chatroom on the Audius Discord server!

To access the chatroom:

  1. Visit https://discord.com/invite/Audius
  2. Click on the #soundstage channel

With the launch of this channel, we aim to foster a community of like-minded individuals who are excited to produce events with SoundStage.fm.

In the SoundStage.fm community chatroom, you'll be able to connect with other users who are eager to exchange ideas, offer help with planning and producing events, and promote upcoming concerts and shows. You'll also be able to get direct support from the creators of SoundStage.fm, who are always available to answer your questions and help you get the most out of the platform.

Whether you're an early adopter looking for technical support, or a seasoned pro looking to share feedback and ideas on how to improve the platform, this chatroom is the perfect resource for you.

We hope you'll join the SoundStage.fm community chatroom on Discord today, and take part in shaping the future of virtual concerts and virtual music events!