The Future of Virtual Musical Events: A Look Inside SoundStage.fm

As the world continues to shift towards online experiences, musicians are finding new ways to connect with fans and share their music.

Over the past few years many artists have experimented with livestreams, but their popularity was short-lived as the limitations of the technology left many fans and artists underwhelmed.

This has set the stage for the rise of a new breed of technologies that can deliver in the aspects that livestreams fall short on.

Introducing SoundStage.fm, a revolutionary new musical events platform that is changing the way musicians perform and connect with fans.

What makes SoundStage.fm amazing:

SoundStage.fm allows artists and fans to hang out in 3D spaces called SoundClubs, where they can interact with one another as their actual human selves.

Through the use of spatial audio, and by employing webcams (rather than avatars), participants can see and hear each other in a hyper-realistic and lifelike manner.

Imagine hanging out in the green room with your manager and/or special guests before the show, and then going on stage to a virtual hall that’s packed full of friends...

Imagine performing for a live crowd of human faces, whose cheering, gestures, and emotions, you can feed off of…

Imagine being able to shout into the crowd, and have the crowd shout back…

Imagine no more, because that’s SoundStage!

How artists can benefit from SoundClubs:

SoundClubs offer artists a virtual home to host all kinds of amazing events that can help vitalize their fan-base and communities.

By breaking out of the chat boxes of livestreams and Discord servers and inviting fans into an immersive 3D space, artists are able to forge genuine, authentic relationships that foster loyalty and increase engagement from their biggest supporters.

Check out the videos below for cool examples of fan-artist interaction in SoundStage.fm:

This type of community engagement is important at all stages of an artists career, but it’s especially critical in the early stages when every fan counts, and during which artists must seize any opportunity to perform and gain exposure.

Last but not least, SoundClubs can be decorated to feel like home, with posters and visuals that reflect the artists brand; and in the near future, will also expose means for monetization (e.g. NFT-gated events, paid events, virtual merch booth, and more).

Awesome events you can host in your SoundClub:

SoundClubs can be used to host all kinds of fun events, here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Virtual concerts
  • Listening parties
  • Album releases
  • Remix contests / DJ battles / Rap battles
  • Watch parties
  • AMA's

In future series we will dive deeper on different event formats, and provide helpful guidance and tips to make the most of your events.

Although this has been a simple primer on the SoundStage.fm platform, we hope it has served to ignite your enthusiasm for the future of virtual music events and all the exciting possibilities that lay ahead!

On that note, we cordially invite you to create your SoundClub, and come share the link with us on the Audius discord server (channel #soundstage) so that we can come and hang out with you!