Engage your fans in new ways
and make money doing what you love!

Virtual Performances

A whole new way to connect with fans, book more shows, and increase your revenue.

Let fans book you for virtual performances.
Set your own rate and keep 100% of your fee.
Intimate experiences that increase fan loyalty.
Perform for fans anywhere without need for travel.

Virtual Meet & Greets

Short video calls that will make fans feel appreciated and leave them with lasting memories.

You decide the duration and fee of the calls.
Sold as time-limited offers available only during your live streams.
Take photos with fans that they can share with their friends.

Stream Rallies

Build momentum for your live streams and tactfully monetize them, while providing a social benefit.

Crowdfund live streams to support social causes, while also securing a minimum financial return.
Micropayments and integrated tips (as little as $1).
Deliver a better experience by performing on a virtual stage tailored for live music.
Great way to promote and upsell premium superfan experiences.
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SoundStage is a virtual performances platform created by musicians and music-lovers. It was designed to provide artists with a new form of monetization while delivering one-of-a-kind fan oriented experiences.

We use technology to help artists engage with a global audience.