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Artist Collaboration

We help artists unlock new revenue streams with cutting-edge performance paradigms that captivate fans, and make them feel closer to the artists they love. We invite you to join us in co-creating the future of music!

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Agents & Managers

We view agents and managers as indispensable partners to our long term success, and welcome them into our ecosystem. With an agent account, you remain in full control of artists' bookings, fees and representation. Let's work together to maximize your artists virtual potential!

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Event Organizers

Organizing a virtual event or in-game concert and looking for a space to host or broadcast it? SoundStage is the perfect partner! We'll bring our custom technology and expertise to co-produce your event and help it reach it's highest potential.

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We love collaborating with other organizations that share our mindset — fairness, transparency, and honesty. If you have an idea or a vision and want SoundStage to be part of it, let us know! We are happy to hear from you at any stage of your plan, from the initial thought to post-creation.

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At SoundStage we love music and we love artists. It is on this premise that our vision is built.

We're on a mission to find new ways of leveraging technology to empower artists to live an equitable life doing what they love.

Whether you're an artist, agent, event organizer, or other industry entity, we would love to work with you!