Get on the virtual stage.

Make your debut, your fans are waiting.

We're looking for forward-thinkers.

SoundStage is on a mission to create new virtual performance paradigms that bring fans and artists closer than ever.

We're working hard to manifest our vision for fun and engaging virtual concert experiences, and are looking to partner up with forward-thinking artists.

If you're excited at the promise of virtual concerts and want to help our cause, we invite you to apply.

Eligibility requirements:

Original sets

Artists must play original songs and/or songs that they have the license/permission to play.

Adequate equipment

A PC/laptop that is no more than 4 years old and an HD webcam. If playing out from external equipment you will need an interface that can route your master out to your computer.

Be willing to promote

It's up to artists to promote their event in order to draw a crowd. We are happy to support with asset creation and co-promotion, but it is ultimately the artist who is best positioned to reach his/her fans.